Request For Proposal Documents for GAR Charles Sumner Post #25 Phase 2

Request For Proposal Documents for the Grand Army of the Republic Charles Sumner Post #25
Phase 2: Exterior Restoration & Interior Finishes
206 S. Queen St. Chestertown, MD 21620

Bids received for the Charles Sumner Post #25 GAR Project, were opened 1/11/2014 and awarded that day by the building committee to Yerkes Construction of Chestertown, MD.

The bids were:
Wilson Taylor Bldrs., LLC
Bid $475,000.00
Michael Taylor

J & L Services
Bid $380,945.75
Hazel Burt

Yerkes Construction
Bid $320,000.00
Jay Yerkes

Due to unanswered and pending questions, and the approaching holidays, the due date for the bid has been pushed back to January 10th. Barring other impediments, this is the final due date. Bids will be due on Friday, January 10, 2014 at 12:00pm noon, delivered or mailed to the Kent County Arts Council office in Chestertown, MD.

 The questions involved, and their resolutions are below:

  • Use of a baseboard to help salvage the majority of the existing wainscot and reduce the amount needed to be produced for completion?  Resolution: We are authorized to use a 10” high baseboard, as long as the baseboard is installed over the wainscot. This will entail the use of a backing board below the salvaged wainscot material to provide support for the bottom of the baseboard.
  • Use of the existing 200 amp panel and possible sub-panel vs. the need to upgrade to a 400 amp panel? Resolution: Prepare your bid using the specifications in the Architect plans, i.e. a 400 amp service. We will reexamine the amperage load situation after the bidding process, and stay with the 200 amp panel if an electrical engineer certifies the safety of using the existing 200 amp panel.  Cost adjustment will be made at that time as needed.
  • Inclusion of a skim coating over all dry-walled surfaces to make final finish resemble the original plaster finish?  Resolution: Prepare your bid without plaster skim coat, but include a primer and two finish coats on all surfaces using Mosca guide for paint. Ceilings will be bright white.
  • Designation of brick to be used in both the pervious and impervious brick surfaces?  Resolution: We are using all Cushwa  #115-200 Shenandoah for both the pervious and impervious brickwork. We have approx. 650 brick that we took up from the left alley saved here for your use so you will bid that in mind.
  • Storm window type and glass specifications. Resolution: Allow $250.00 per window for each window, style and model to be chosen later.
  • Shutter requirements. Resolution: Shutters will have to be constructed for custom fit. Please allow $350 per window for shutters, plus labor for installation.
  • Flooring: Assume there is enough usable original material to cover the main room of the downstairs area. Bid the rest as milled to match from new lumber rather than older, recycled period lumber. Stair treads to be of southern yellow pine, with final style to be determined, but allow labor for average detail as shown in photos.
  • Kitchen: As stated in the plans, no kitchen is installed at this time, but pigtails and stubs should be in your bid.
  • Interior and exterior chair lifts: Include both in your bid. Also include the deck at the rear of the building, which will be constructed of metal to match the fire escape stairs being constructed by Grieb Manufacturing of Chestertown.
  • Sprinkler System: Include in your bid.  Two firms have already given a quote, they are:  Bay Area Fire Sprinklers, LLC of St. Michaels (410-745-3445), and CMP Fire LLC of Newark, DE.(410-620-2062). Their bids are old, and the entry location has been switched since the underground utilities were installed, so I will not release their bids.
  • Window interior trim: Bid using new lumber for the window treatment, emulating the trim as seen in the photos on the web site.  If there is any usable old material, use it in the downstairs main room. There are window weights and pulley assemblies for most if not all windows. If more are needed they will be supplied by owner.

I hope this answers the above questions satisfactorily. Any other RFP questions can be sent to me at  and I will have the answers posted for all to see.


Bob Ingersoll, Clerk

Please click to download and print the RFP documents.

1. Contractor Bid Response

2. Contractor Qualification Form

3. Mosca Interior Paint Analysis

4. No Response Form

5. General Contractor Scope of Work

6.  Named Sub Contractors

7. Bid Plan Addenda and General Notes

8. Architect Prints

9. Inventory Sheet

10. Request for Information Dec. 31, 2013


Architect Prints for GAR Charles Sumner Post #25