Kent Cultural Alliance Connects Local Artists with Kent County Public Schools for Virtual Learning

L to R: Robbi Behr, Jason Patterson, and Vanna Ramirez

In response to multiple needs stemming from the current pandemic crisis, the Kent Cultural Alliance (KCA) has created a new and unique offering in partnership with the Kent County Public Schools (KCPS) with additional funding from the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust.

After meeting with the five KCPS visual arts teachers Aimee Boumiea, Teresa Jetton, Janet McCormick, Noel Morris and Stephanie Spenser, and with the blessing of KCPS Director of Teaching and Learning Gina Jachimowicz, the KCA put out a public “Call for Artists” in July 2020. The idea was to help our visual arts teachers by hiring a local artist to create a virtual art class on a topic related to current curriculum. Each grade level (Elementary, Middle, and High schools) came up with a defined need for the fall semester. KCA director, John Schratwieser, then sent out the public call via email, social media and local press with the intent of supporting a local artist and our public school teachers and students all at the same time.

Three outstanding artist have been selected by the teachers themselves from the applications submitted. The Kent Cultural Alliance thanks and congratulates artists Robbi Behr, Jason Patterson, and Vanna Ramirez for their winning applications. Each artist will receive a stipend of $800 for their 30 minute video art class. Each artist will be filmed by local Videogarpher Justinian DiSpenza of Andover Media in Galena. The KCA is proud to be supporting local artist, as well as KCSP teachers and students in this difficult time.

While the finished product will not be available for public viewing, anyone with a student in the Kent County Public Schools who is taking an art class this year will certainly be hearing about this great partnership from your students.

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(NOTE: Jason Patterson is a Board Member of the Kent Cultural Alliance. Winning artists were selected solely by KCPS Teacher. No KCA Board members or staff had a vote in this process.)