The Kent Cultural Alliance received a grant of $25,000 to begin recruiting and working with visiting artists in residence.  Kicking off this program, the KCA welcomes Kayti Didriksen.

2022 Resident Artist:

Kayti Didriksen

Kayti Didriksen is a multidisciplinary artist focused on capturing movement and sound with line and color. Didriksen uses blind contour drawing, a fundamental hand eye coordination exercise that teaches you to draw what you see, to record the ephemeral traces of movement during live music and performances. In the next step of her process, she overlaps the drawings creating a matrix for larger scale work that represents space and movement with color and generates the feeling of the performance in the viewer. She also teaches drawing as mindful meditation and draws as a performance, engaging guests at events with quick and quirky lines while speaking about what happens to the brain during the drawing process. Didriksen has collaborated with organizations throughout the US and abroad including Faberge’, TEDx, The Joan Mitchell Foundation, NYU, Brooklyn Museum, and the Jazz Foundation of America as well as countless bands and musicians. Her work has been featured in the Washington Post, NY Times, CNN and the BBC. She served as the Artist in Residence for the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra from 2013 to 2017. In addition to her more line-driven works, Didriksen enjoys collaborating with kids, making collages with artwork sent to her through the mail, working with refuse and painting landscapes in plein air with a palette knife.

KCA’s Resident Artist Working with KCPS Students (Spy)